Scrooge, the Grinch, and George Bailey

Another theme that is showcased in many of the well known Christmas movies is;  it’s never too late to become the person that you were meant to be. We learn this from such classics as “The Christmas Carol”, “The Grinch That Stole Christmas”,  and “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Each of the main characters in  these stories take different paths to uncovering this truth, but this truth is what all of them find at the end of their journey.

Why is it that the Christmas season brings about this type of reflection, redemption, and later transformation? Is it because Christmas comes shortly after Thanksgiving and we are all in the spirit of gratitude? Is it because we are reaching the end of the year and are taking our actions and choices from the last 12 months and maybe longer into consideration and determining if we should have or could have done better? Is it because Christmas brings out the inner child in all of us and our inner child is the reflection of who we were really meant to be?

Regardless of the reason, the journey still takes place and change happens, but unfortunately that change usually only lasts until the new year or if your lucky into late January or early February before old habits start creeping back in and before you know it, you are back to being the same person you were a couple of months ago. Why is it so hard to become the person we are meant to be? Why do we cover our truth with multiple layers of self doubt, self placed obstacles, and lack of listening to and loving ourselves? Is it because we don’t have that life changing moment that Ebenezer Scrooge has when he is visited by the three ghosts? Is it because we don’t have the epiphany the Grinch has when he sees the Whos of Whoville carrying on in the season of love without the material things like gifts and Christmas trees? Is it because we are not given a glimpse into what life would be like without us like George Bailey. Why is it that we need a “moment” in order to make the change that we so desperately need and want?

The answer is . . . because it is difficult. Change is difficult and old habits are easy. Without the “moment” there is no threat to our current way of life. For some, no change will ever happen unless their current way of life is threatened. But what many don’t realize it that lack of change is threatening your way of life. If we don’t strive to be better, smarter, stronger, giving more love, giving more of ourselves to others, etc. we are doomed to never be more than what we are today. We are doomed to live a life of repeated mistakes, repeated disappointments, and repeated failures. Like the Grinch, had his heart not grown three sizes that day, he would be doomed to live a lonely life and only seek false satisfaction in trying to harm others.

My challenge to you is the make this Christmas season one that is not only filled with love and friendship, but one of change. I challenge you with the following:

  1. I encourage you to ride the wave of Thanksgiving gratitude the whole year through. It feels so good to be thankful why not carry that feeling all year. Seek out gratitude in the best things that life has to offer (friendship, love, family, etc.). Like the Whos of Whoville, life is about friendship and family not material things.
  2.  I encourage you this Christmas season to take the last 12 months into consideration and determine where you should have and could have done better and in the new year, do better. I encourage you to be the person you want to be. Hold yourself to your own level of standards, not the standards that others have for you. I encourage you to reflect like Scrooge on the seasons of the past, present and future. Who you were, who you are, and who you want to become. It is never too late to be the change you wish to see in the world.
  3. I encourage you to listen to your inner child, the voice of who are meant to be without the adult burden of what can’t and won’t happen and listen to what can be.  I believe that if you  carry out this way of living, you will be well on your path to uncovering who you were really meant to be. I believe we all know who we were meant to be and why we were placed on this earth. Life just has a way covering those truths, and this new year needs to be spent uncovering and discovering the you the world needs and wants. Like George Bailey, the world is not better off without you. You touch the lives of all people you come into contact with, make that touch a one of peace and love.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I wish for all of you a time of reflection and transformation. I wish for you in the new year to be the person you were meant to be.



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